La Carnita- Eglinton

Picture of accessible exterior of La Carnita

130 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P 2X9

Call: (647) 351-0130

Looking to add a little spice in your life? La Carnita on Eglinton Ave has you covered with a variety of tacos, churros, original cocktails and more. This location is just a few blocks east of the accessible Eglinton Station on line 1. There are also several public parking lots in the area surrounding the restaurant.

The entrance is directly off Eglinton Ave, so there are wide sidewalks leading to it. They may have a sandwich board placed in front that will force you to do a little bit of extra manoeuvring. At least when we were there, there was still lots of room for a wheelchair to get by. There is an automatic door button to open the 39” door. Also when we were there, it was a situation where the strength of the wind was overpowering the strength of the door opener… Likely not an issue on your standard day.

Picture of interior of La Carnita showing wide pathways

Once inside, there is lots of turning space for any mobility device and they can easily accommodate strollers or assistive devices you want to leave in the front. Smooth concrete floors also make moving around the restaurant a breeze. They have a combination of bench style seating as well as movable chairs at the standard 29” high tables. There is also high top tables and seating at the bar. There is generally plenty of space around the tables with some spots a little narrower than others but the staff are happy to accommodate some shuffling of tables. There is a lower level in the restaurant which has stairs and a sturdy handrail, but no elevator.

Picture of standard height tables in La Carnita

On the main floor, there is a spacious accessible washroom with the majority of the restrooms located downstairs. Upon entry, the door is 38” wide with an automatic door opener. On the inside, there is also a push to lock button and another button in case of emergency. All concrete flooring in here as well. There is grab bars beside and behind the toilet with a manual flush. The floating sink is 29” high and 19” wide with manual handles to operate the tap. The soap dispenser, hand dryer and paper towel dispenser are all automatic.

Picture of spacious private washroom at La Carnita
Picture of grab bars and wide doorway in accessible washroom at La Carnita

Overall, all the staff we dealt with were extremely accommodating and helpful. The interior lighting was very good allowing for easy reading of the menus which also had font with good contrast. You can also view the menu online to get a preview before you go. A great social spot, we would definitely head back again for lunch, snacks, or dinner along with a margarita- por favor.