Slanted Door

Picture of the accessible entrance of Slanted Door

442 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X8

Call: (647) 358-9888

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, Slanted door is a café, lounge, and art gallery that showcases the talent of local artists. Slanted door offers a wide variety of drinks and most of the pastries are made in house. The artwork changes around every 2 months. Slanted Door is the perfect atmosphere for either finishing up some work, catching up with friends, or enjoying the food, drinks, and beautiful art.

Slanted door is located on the corner of Bloor and Howland. If you are commuting by TTC, it is located between Bathurst and Spadina station on Line 2 and are both accessible. The closest Green P can be found on Spadina and Bloor.

The front entrance is accessible on Bloor Street with a 37” wide door and ½” lip transition. There is an automatic door opener just to the right of the entrance and it is free of obstructions. Once you enter the café, there is ample space to move with a mobility device with a clear path to the service counter. Scooters and strollers can be parked near the entrance. The flooring is hardwood and rugs are placed nicely near the entrances and exits. The café is well lit from the natural light coming from the large windows. Café music is played quietly in the background. The menu is displayed on TV monitors - the font size may be small, however staff are very friendly and accommodating to assist if needed.

Picture of people inside Slanted Door

There are a variety of seating options throughout the cafe. Standard tables are 29.5” in height and chairs with no armrests at 17” in height. There are also bar tables (42”) and bar stools (29.5”) and lower tables and lounge seats.

Picture of unobstructed pathway to the accessible washroom
Picture of the accessible washroom at Slanted Door

The café is mainly one level, with an accessible washroom on the same level and a set of stairs to go down to more washrooms. The washroom door (36” width) can be opened by an automatic door opener. Inside there is a horizontal and L-shaped grab bar near the toilet. There is also a press for emergency assistance button and a push to lock button. Also included is a baby changing station that is 30” in height. The sink height is 32”, with ample clearance below and reachable soap and paper towel dispensers.

Overall, Slanted Door is a very accessible cafe, with friendly staff, beautiful local artwork, and delicious drinks and pastries!

Picture of variety of seating options at Slanted Door