Tosto- Leaside

Picture of accessible entrance of Tosto

609 Roehampton Ave, Toronto, ON, M4P 1S7

Call: (416) 322-0609

Tosto Quickfire Pizza Pasta is an Italian food lovers dream located in the heart of Leaside at Bayview and Eglinton. Tosto aims to serve delicious, premium food in a quick and affordable manner. The pizza dough and pasta are made fresh in-house daily by expert chefs for an authentic and fresh taste. Tosto also offers a selection of appetizers, salads and sandwiches.  

Tosto’s main entrance features 37.5” wide double doors with an automatic opener for one of the them. Tosto has accessible parking spaces in front of its entrance with a curb cut for unobstructed access to the entrance. The space both outside and inside is ample, allowing plenty of space to park scooters and maneuver mobility devices. Once inside, the flooring is a smooth concrete throughout without level or texture changes.

Tosto has an abundance of seating options including high tops with stools and standard height (29”) tables with removeable chairs. There is a combination of wooden chairs with backrests and sturdy leather dining room chairs. Given Tosto’s premium-quick nature of service, customers are provided a number after they order and their food is brought over to the table when prepared.

Picture of accessible seating at Tosto
Picture of standard height tables at Tosto

The accessible private washroom has a wide 37” door with an automatic door opener. There is a hook behind the door which is low enough to reach from a seated position. The toilet has a horizontal grab bar behind measuring 36” high and an widened “L” shape grab bar to the right at 30.5” high. The floating sink measures 31” high and 19” wide with automatic soap and paper dispensers located nearby. There is also a change table in the washroom 33” high when folded down.

Picture of accessible washroom at tosto

Tosto’s staff are friendly and attentive to all customers and willing to cater to individual needs. The menu is large and displayed at the front of the restaurant as well as being available online on their website or other food delivery and pick up services.

Tosto is accessible by transit via accessible TTC buses running east of Yonge on Eglinton (#34, 54, 100) or on Bayview (#11).