Stackt Market

Front enterance of Stackt Market

28 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5V 0C6

If you’re looking for a sweet location in the city to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine the Stackt Market, and specifically the Belgian Moon Brewery, is just the thing. This is a creative collection of structures, built using repurposed shipping containers, designed to give you plenty of options to fill your day. There are many long and short-term rentals for businesses from coffee and doughnuts, to florists and art. There are also tons of outdoor spaces for lounging and summer games. For the purpose of this review, we are going to focus on the specifics of the Belgian Moon Brewery space.

If you are looking to use transit to get there, the 504 King streetcar will drop you at Bathurst Street which is just a block from the entrance to the market. The outdoor paths inside are all smooth and paved, easy to navigate for exploring all the different venues being offered. The entrance to the Belgian Moon Brewery is a 36” wide doorway with a small ½” threshold to enter. The inside is super spacious with smooth paved flooring throughout leaving tons of space to navigate, park accessible devices, whatever you need. It is meant as a communal space, which has long, 28” high tables with movable stools as well as some benches and other areas to lounge around with your drink. They have a snack bar with a small menu if you are feeling peckish. There is also a separate bar for alcoholic and non–alcoholic drinks for your enjoyment. You can visit either, or both!

Ramped walk way in the grounds
Interior of one of the stores within stackt market

They have a large private and accessible washroom towards the back of the venue. It has a 38” wide door at the entrance with an automatic opener button. Lots of room inside, with a floating sink that is 31” high and 20” wide. The faucet and soap dispenser are automatic with motion, the toilet is not with a lever flush. There are grab bars available beside and behind the toilet. They have paper towels available for drying. There is a small ½" threshold from the floor of the main area into the washroom.

Accessible washroom with grab bars

All of the other venues in the Stackt Market are accessible, to an extent. They are generally small areas inside, some having larger 1” thresholds in the entrance, which are all at least 36” wide. But don’t let that stop you from going to check out this awesome venue! Highly recommended on a sunny afternoon, this place is an excellent choice to let a summer day slip away.