Burgers Park

Picture of the accessible entrance for Burgers Park

10 William Sylvester Drive, North York, ON M2J 0E9

Call: (416) 491-1954

I came across Burgers Park on my way home from work the other day. It’s a little bit of a trek from downtown, but if you are visiting IKEA or Fairview Mall- it’s not far! The modern hamburger joint also offers free upper level parking with accessible spots available. If taking transit, you can the Northbound 24A bus from Victoria Park Station. You can take the subway to Fairview, however it is still 1.5 km away

Picture of accessible parking spot at Burgers Park

The signage for Burgers Park is on the west side, but the entrance is on the south side of the building. There is a large tiled area out front, but it is not a formal patio so there is a lot of room to park a mobility device. In front of the front entrance is a push button door opener that was catching when pressed. The staff let me know someone was coming to look at it, and the counter has a great view of the door so I am certain you could gesture and someone would let you in. The entrance is 36” wide with no threshold. There is a small mat inside the door, but the rest of the flooring is smooth concrete. 

Picture of slope in front of entrance of Burgers Park

Inside I was greeted promptly and ordered at the counter. I ordered a veggie burger and a soda. WARNING- My veggie burger was fried in peanut oil for those with peanut allergies. At Burgers Park, the soda is self serve while your burger is brought to your table. The soda machine is 50” to the dispenser screen. The ketchup dispenser was also about a 55” reach and straws are available. My burger was GREAT and affordable at $8!

The accessible washroom is located at the back left with a door width of 35”. There is a lever handle to enter and push button to enter. There is an automatic sink, toilet and hand dryer. The soap has a manual pump button. The sink is 35” high with 29” clearance underneath. There are two grab bars surrounding the toilet, they are both 35” high, and the one on your right (if you are on the toilet) is an L shape. There is an emergency button by the toilet and a push-to-lock button by the door.

Picture of accessible washroom at Burgers Park

Most of the tables in Burgers Park are a standard 31” high, with 29” of clearance underneath. There are a few bar height tables that are 41” high. The space was bright with low music. I found the menu a little awkward as it was located on the wall to the right and not above the counter where you are ordering. The font is also small. They do not have a paper menu, but one is available online. They will also take phone orders to have it ready for you, but they do not offer delivery or services like Foodora or Uber Eats.

Picture of standard height tables and colorful chairs at Burgers Park

Overall, Burgers Park is a neat little gem on the border of Scarborough around Victoria Park and Sheppard. I’m really glad I took a detour and found it to share with you!