The Annex Food Hall

Picture of the accessible entrance at the Annex Food Hall

384 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X2

The Annex Food Hall is the perfect place to visit when you just can’t decide what you want for lunch or dinner. This food hall features 8 great independent local food vendors including El Nahual Tacos, Dal Moro’s pastas and PG Cluck’s signature fried chicken sandwiches!

Picture of the automatic sliding doors in front of the Annex Food Hall

The hall’s main entrance features double automatic sliding doors that measures 48” wide and is accessed by a cement ramp. The flooring inside is smooth tiling with no thresholds or textures, but there are 3 long mats at the front entrance that appear well secured. Spacing inside allows for good maneuvering throughout the hall to check out each of the restaurants. In the dining area there are different types of seating arrangements – picnic tables, round and square standard height tables with removable chairs, as well as a bar height tables (40.5” high) with stools in front of the large window.

Picture of the standard height tables at the Annex Food Hall
Picture of the interior eating area in the Annex Food Hall

There is an accessible, private washroom located at the back of the food hall. The bathroom door opens from the outside with an automatic button and from the inside with a lever handle. The sink height is 29” with clear space underneath. The bathroom features a hook, baby change table, and automatic sink, as well as two grab bars surrounding the toilet. 

Picture of the accessible washroom in the Annex Food Hall

The food hall is fairly well lit with large windows at the front letting in ample natural light. During peak meal time hours the food hall can be fairly busy, so try to stop by before the dinner rush if you are in search of a quieter space.  

Sidewalk access to The Annex Food Hall is maintained with curb cuts and free of barriers. If arriving by TTC, Spadina is the closest accessible subway station. If driving, there are 3 different Green P parking lots located within close proximity to the food hall off of Bloor St.