Hunter's Landing

Picture of accessible patio
Picture of accessible entrance.

82 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 4A6

Call for reservations: (647) 352-6082

Hunter's Landing comes from the same owners who brought William's Landing to Liberty Village. Located in the CityPlace condo development, Hunter's Landing seems like a great place to grab an after-work drink with friends. And although summer seems to have gone on hiatus these past few days, they have a fantastic accessible patio perfect for a weekend brunch. The menu seems varied enough to offer something for everyone, with vegetarian and gluten-free options. I was especially intrigued by the Landing Cure: a caesar that's garnished with a lobster tail, pizza slice, bacon, smoked mozzarella, veggies and pickles.

Picture of accessible dining area indoors.

The main entrance to the restaurant is off of the very spacious patio. Although the sidewalk access to the patio requires a step up, the wide walkway that borders the west side of the patio offers an accessible pathway. The entrance itself is a set of double doors with an automatic opener. Each outer door measures 36 inches wide, and the entire doorway is 72 inches wide with both doors open. Inside the main doors there is a vestibule which also houses a set of double doors, which are each 37 1/2 inches wide for a total doorway width of 75 inches. The entrance way is smooth and flat from the patio through to the hostess desk.

The main floor of Hunter's Landing contains a large dining space to the left, and bar area to the right. There is a second floor which unfortunately is inaccessible, however there are plenty of seating options on the main floor. The tables in the dining space are standard height (29 inches) with removable chairs. Some of the center tables are closer together and may be difficult to access. That being said, there are lots of outer tables that have a bit more breathing room around them, and staff are happy to reserve or secure these tables for you. Floors are smooth cement throughout.

At the back of the restaurant you'll find men's and women's washrooms, each of which contain accessible stalls. The washrooms are accessed via a 41 inch wide hallway, and the main washroom doors are 36 inches wide. The doors to the accessible stalls themselves are also 36 inches wide, and although there are no automatic features within the stall, there are two grab bars surrounding the toilet. The triple sink area is super wide and there is 28 1/2 inches of space from the floor to bottom of the counter. Hand dryers are the only automatic feature in the main space of the washroom.

Picture of accessible washroom stall.

The patio, which spans the entire length of the restaurant on the west side, is roomy and offers lots of standard height tables with removable chairs. Similar to the indoor dining area, some of the inner tables might be too tight to access, but there are lots of outer tables that offer more space. The patio floor is a combination of smooth cement and wood decking with no level changes.

You might get lucky with street parking out front, but if you can't snag a spot there are a few other options for parking. The Sobey's just east of Hunter's Landing has paid underground parking with elevator access. There are also two Green P parking lots just behind the restaurant at 250 Fort York Boulevard. St. Andrew and Union subway stations are both accessible and about equal distance from Hunter's Landing (each less than 2km away).