Picture of entrance with small ramp placed over curb
Picture of accessible interior of restaurant.

3827 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M3H 3N1

Call for reservations: (416) 631-6585

Here is a restaurant that goes out of their way to make your dining experience hassle free- although built 25 years ago they are continually adapting the space to be more accessible including reserved tables and parking spots! Paese asks that everyone make a reservation to ensure quality customer service, however they are more than happy to accommodate any mobility needs if just passing through.

The main entrance to Paese is on a sidewalk with no built in ramp, but the restaurant has ordered a 36 inch wide ramp that fits to code. The incline is at the 1:12 ratio and can be placed in front of any parking spot. There are no wheelchair accessible parking spots so best to call beforehand as the staff are happy to reserve the spot with a pylon. If your vehicle has a side lift, I would suggest parking along the side of the restaurant with ample space to the left. Pease is north of the 401 so not on the subway line.

The front door to Paese measures at 35 inches wide, and there are two that need to be negotiated. There is no automatic door opener, however the hostess is always ready to assist. Once indoors there is a variety of seating options at small booths or standard height tables.

The fully accessible washroom can be found beside the bar. It is a single room with a 35 inch door, floating sink, one grab bar and a changing table. There are no automatic features, however the space is uncluttered and amenities easy to access.

Paese is open Sunday for dinner and the restaurant reserves time during the day on weekends for private events. The space is able to accommodate 86 people- Call to inquire!