Rooster Coffee House - King Street

Picture of accessible entrance. Girl sitting on bench beside door.

343 King St. East, Toronto, ON M5A 1L1

Rooster Coffee House opened their second location along King Street east in May of 2013. It is an inviting space that has nice art and comfortable seating but still has a bit of an industrial feel to it. Both times I’ve visited the location it was quite busy. There were always people coming and going and often a bit of a line up. Don't let that keep you away however. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. They obviously have a lot of regular customers coming in as they seemed to know a lot of them by name. Currently they are pulling a custom mix from pilot coffee roasters which means that the coffee will always be awesome. They also have a reasonable selection of teas if thats more your thing.

Picture of accessible interior. Wide pathways throughout space.

There is level access right from the front door and continues though out the whole space. The entrance off King St. is nice and wide at 32.5 inches. However there is currently no automatic opener. Inside you’ll find a mix of hardwood and tile floors, neither of which should cause any problems. There are some nice low tables both near the front and back of the coffee shop. Also there are some higher stools and tables if that’s more comfortable for you. You’ll find a unisex washroom at the back of the cafe that has plenty of space to turn around in it. I use a fairly small manual wheelchair but I think a power chair would still fit fine. The width of the door is 33.5 inches wide and the sink is a reasonable height at 32.5 Inches from the floor.

The King streetcar of course at this time is not wheelchair accessible. However the cafe is located between Sherbourne and Parliament street, both of which have accessible bus routes.

Picture of accessible washroom.