Splendido- CLOSED

Picture of accessible entrance.

88 Harbord St. Toronto ON, M5S 1G5

Call for reservations: (416) 929-7788

Splendido - long considered to be one of Toronto's higher end restaurants - seems to be the perfect spot for a special occasion or celebratory meal. It feels fancy and upscale without the stuffiness that can often accompany these adjectives. They serve brunch as well as dinner, which provides a more casual and inexpensive option. Splendido's well-stocked bar at the front of the restaurant also looks promising! One thing to note: Splendido has a dining room for private parties located downstairs which is unfortunately unaccessible.

Although Splendido doesn't have automatic doors at the front entrance, the doors themselves are quite wide. You need to go through two doors to access the restaurant, and the vestibule area is really wide with plenty of space between the two. The first door (when coming in from the sidewalk) is 42 inches wide, and the second (from the vestibule to the restaurant itself) is 37 1/2 inches wide. The doors are level with the sidewalk.

Inside, the dining space is roomy and there's lots of space to maneuver between the 29" high tables. Chairs are removable, and the wood floors offer a smooth surface. Main washrooms are located downstairs but there is a wheelchair accessible washroom located at the back of the restaurant. Unfortunately you have to go through the kitchen to access it, which definitely isn't ideal. However, the washroom itself is large with a 40 1/2 inch wide door. The toilet has a grab bar beside it, and the 34 inch wide sink provides plenty of room to pull up to at 35 inches high.

Splendido is about half a kilometer south of accessible Spadina station. There is street parking available along Harbord. The closest Green P parking lots are near Spadina station at 4 Spadina Rd. and 9 Madison Ave.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this! Is going through the kitchen to access the washroom a deal-breaker for you? Have you been to Splendido before? Let us know in the comment section below.

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