Dark Horse Espresso Bar


215 Spadina Ave., Toronto ON M5T 2C7

I was very happy to arrive out of the rain and cold today to the Dark Horse Espresso Bar. While the café appears very trendy and modern, it also has a cozy vibe and feels very welcoming and warm. The cafe also happens to have been featured on a few episodes of the TV show Suits! Fun fact!

There is a step to enter the café straight from Spadina Ave, but if you enter via the office building at 215 Spadina right next door there is a ramp to get you into the café. The door to the café measures 32 inches wide, but it is a double door and can become much wider (over 50 inches) if needed. To enter the building, there is an automatic door that is very wide as well.

Picture of accessible interior of cafe.
Picture of accessible entrance. Ramp to the right.

The main floor of the café itself is spacious and features two very large communal tables measuring 30 inches high, with removable chairs. The space is fairly open and unobstructed with even flooring. There is another seating area with individual tables but unfortunately this area is only accessible via stairs. 

The washrooms are not located in the café, but require a very short elevator ride up half a floor. The washroom requires a code to enter which is available on the door to the café or by asking one of the friendly baristas. The doors of the elevator measure 40 inches across. The elevator has accessible buttons and is spacious. The washroom itself has a few stalls, one of which is accessible. The door to the accessible stall measures 35 inches wide. The stall does not have a handle to assist with closing on the inside of the door. There are grab bars by the toilet in stall. There are two sinks in the bathroom measuring 31 inches off the ground, and 23 inches across. There is ample room in front of the sinks, and soap and paper towel are within reach.

Picture of accessible washroom.

On weekends, a FOB key is required to use the elevators. This is available from the friendly baristas who seem happy to help with any needs.

The espresso bar is located via the Spadina streetcar. The nearest Green P is located just south of the café at 180 Spadina Ave.

There are two more Dark Horse Espresso Bar locations in Toronto. Have you tried them?  Are they accessible? What is your favourite coffee shop to get cozy in on a rainy day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Picture of accessible washroom. Grey tiles.