Dark Horse-Canary District

Picture of accessible entrance

416 Front Street East, Toronto ON, M5A 1H7

Located in the Canary District, this Dark Horse Espresso Bar welcomes you with a modern open concept environment combined with a warm, relaxing atmosphere. At Dark Horse, you can enjoy quality espresso, a variety of baked goods, in-house cold brew coffee, or cold press juices made by Fresh.  

Dark Horse has a single door entrance featuring a long, vertically standing automatic door opener. This type of door opener can be conveniently pressed at a variety of heights, making it accessible to more people. There is no ramp needed to enter the restaurant and there is enough space to enter and exit.

Picture of large interior space

Once inside there is a large, unobstructed hallway that leads you to the order counter. In front of the counter, there is clear open floor space that allows for 360 turning. There are two main seating areas in the café, with 29” high tables and varying space to maneuver between tables. Unfortunately, most chairs in Dark Horse do not offer armrests, and they are not optimal for providing stability while sitting and standing.

Picture of seating area with tables and removable chairs

The café features an accessible bathroom facility offering both a lever handle and an automatic door opener to enter. The individual bathroom contains a large open space and automatic lighting that turns on upon entering. The soap and paper dispensers are easily reached from the sink that is 33” in height and 20” width. It is worth noting that neither the sink nor the toilet have automatic features. The grab bar located near the toilet is 30” above the floor and is slip resistant. There is clear, open space in front of both the toilet and sink. The bathroom also features an emergency button near the toilet.

Picture of accessible washroom
Picture of automatic door opener in washroom

In the afternoon, there is a low noise level in Dark Horse, and the venue is very well lit thanks to the large windows. Staff members are very friendly, and are willing to help customers who require assistance.  

Dark Horse – Canary District can be reached using the 514 TTC route, which features the newly built accessible streetcars. The nearest stop to Dark Horse is Cherry St. at Front St. East. If you are taking the subway, the 514 streetcar can be taken from St. Andrew subway station, which is an accessible station. There is also plenty of street parking to be found in the surrounding area.