Picture of accessible entrance

573 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6

b.good is known for providing real food, made fast. Using locally sourced, seasonal Ontario ingredients, this bright and accessible restaurant provides a healthy fast food option with 3 locations in Toronto.

On a sunny afternoon, we visited the Queen St. location, 1km west of the accessible Osgoode subway station. If you are travelling by car, the closest Green P lot is across the street at the intersection of Queen St. and Denison Ave.

Picture of service counter in b.good

At the entrance there is a slight incline to the automatic door which measures 37 inches wide with a ½ inch lip upon entering. The restaurant is one level with a wooden floor and has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The narrowest hallway is 49 inches wide and leads up to the order counter, measuring 36.5 inches tall. The menu above the order counter has clear contrast lettering and printed menus are also available. The front windows provide plenty of natural sunlight and the restaurant is well-lit throughout with low background music playing. The tables are 29 inches high with moveable chairs. The staff were very friendly and stated that service animals are welcome.

Picture of accessible interior with removable chairs

The accessible washroom at the back of the restaurant requires a key provided by the staff. There is a door to the washrooms and a second door into the accessible washroom, both measuring 35.5 inches wide and without automatic features. In this well-lit washroom there are two grab bars located behind and beside the toilet and plenty of turning space. The sink is 28.5 inches high with a tilted mirror and clear space underneath. There is a low hand dryer, 30 inches from the floor and a handy hook on the back of the door. There is also a change table available.

Picture of accessible washroom

If visiting b.good at any of its locations, let us know how accessible it is for you!