Cafe Landwer

Picture of Cafe Landwer’s entrance

165 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3B8
Call: (647) 748-1165

For a place with ‘cafe’ in the name, Cafe Landwer is a bustling new Mediterranean eatery in Toronto’s downtown core. Despite the bustling atmosphere on a weekday at 7pm, we had a warm welcome! The delicious menu offers a variety of treats such as schnitzel, pizza and pasta.

There are no steps leading up to the cafe, just a slight incline composed of large tiles. The entrance has an automatic door opener and two doors to get through- the first is 39” wide with a 0.5” inch threshold, and the inner door is 37.5” wide with no threshold. There are no obstructions on the sidewalk and there is room to park a scooter or mobility device on the level patio.

Picture of the patio outside of the entrance of Cafe Landwer

Right outside the front entrance there is a sidewalk patio with 28.5” high tables with movable chairs. There are large, level tiles across the patio. Towards the street there is an elevated wood sitting platform without steps, accommodating more moveable tables (28.5”) and chairs. Routes between tables on the concrete are wide and accessible, but cracks between the wood and narrower routes between tables on the platform may obstruct mobility devices.

Picture of interior of Cafe Landwer

The interior of the café has many seating options including booths and higher bar style chairs, as well as standard height moveable tables and chairs. The standard tables have a clearance of 27.5” underneath. The flooring is all tile with a matte finish. There are no steps, stairs or level changes.

The accessible bathroom is a large, separate room with a push button door opener and lever handle. The door width is 35.5”. The accessible sink is 31” high with 26” of clearance underneath. There are 3 grab bars surrounding the toilet- two are permanent (25”) and one can be pulled down if needed. There is also a change table. There are no automatic features except for the dryer which is 50” high.

Picture of the accessible washroom at Cafe Landwer

The menus at Cafe Landwer contain small fonts with a lot of detail which made it slightly difficult to read, however the menu is available online. There are also separate take-out menus with better contrast available at the service counter. The restaurant is well-lit and is filled with low-volume music, as well as friendly and attentive staff. If dropping by Café Landwer, you will easily recognize the restaurant due to its large, bright letters on the front of the building. Lit up at night, it was hard to miss!

The easiest way to get to Cafe Landwer is to take the subway to the accessible St. Andrew station and head north on the east side of University Ave. about 100 metres. The venue is very well marked on the south-east corner of University and Adelaide. The intersection has curb cuts. Parking is a little trying, as it is a busy area. We would recommend a Green P parking lot 250 metres away at 148 Simcoe St. For bus users, the 141 Mt. Pleasant, 142 Avenue, 143 Beach, 144 Don Valley, and 145 Humber Bay stops right in front of Cafe Landwer.

For an accessible meal at any time in your day (8am-11pm) try the versatile Cafe Landwer!