The Alternative Cafe

Picture of accessible entrance of the alternative cafe

439 Richmond Street, Toronto, ON, M5V 1X9

Call: (416) 551-7716

The Alternative Cafe is a funky and unique spot to enjoy foods, snacks, and drinks in a bustling downtown neighbourhood. They aim to combine innovative coffees, juices and shakes with unique desserts and sandwiches from local sources. The small but bright space offers a relaxing and “alternative” option for a date, a spot to get some work done or to grab a quick bite.

The Alternative Café’s main entrance has double doors that each measure 35” wide with an automatic door opener. At the time of our visit, one door was propped open and the other had a plant and bench in front of it; however, we were informed that the second door and automatic opener are not typically obstructed. Inside the venue there is sufficient space to maneuver to browse juice and pastry selections, read the extensive menu and place an order. Given that the restaurant is quite petite, there is limited space to maneuver between the few available tables or countertop bar that looks out at the street. The tables measure 28” high with removeable metal and wooden chairs.

Picture of standard height tables in the alternative cafe

The restaurant has large windows and warm lighting which creates a welcoming atmosphere. The staff are very friendly and eager to serve and please their customers.

Picture of the front counter at the alternative cafe

The menu is posted on the wall behind the bar and cash. It is simple and easy to understand, printed on white paper with black font. The menu can also be accessed on their website online, and pastries and desserts can be selected from the glass displays at the front of the café.

Picture of accessible washroom at the alternative cafe

The entrance to the accessible private washroom measures 35” wide with an automatic door opener. Once inside there is a button to lock the door as well as an emergency button. The toilet has a horizontal grab bar behind it which is 37” high and an “L” shaped grab bar to the left side which is 30.5” high. The floating sink is 19” wide and 30” above the ground with ample space beneath it. There is an automatic hand dryer and lever flusher and taps. A change table is also available in the washroom across from the sink.

The Alternative Café is accessible by streetcar via the 510 Spadina streetcar which stops a block away at the intersection of Queen and Spadina.