Bread and Roses

Picture of accessible entrance at Bread and Roses

508 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1P6

Call: (416) 901-3131

On a crisp Sunday morning, I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee at Bread and Roses on the Danforth. Popular for their bagels and baked goods selection, Bread and Roses need to also be commended for their accessibility!

The cafe is entered using a stop gap ramp which leads up to the 34-inch wide single door. After crossing the half-inch threshold, the cafe has tables with 28.5 inches of clearance and the option of moveable chairs or benches.

Picture of accessible tables at Bread and Roses

The service counter is 35 inches tall and displays delicious looking pastries, sandwiches, and coffee. All on one level and non-carpeted, one can travel past the service counter, to the accessible washroom.

The private, accessible washroom has a 34-inch wide door that swings inwards into the room. The washroom is 43 inches by 88 inches. An L shaped grab bar is situated beside the toilet. The sink is 28” inches high with 85 inches of clearing space underneath. Soap and paper dispensers can be easily reached on either side of the sink. There are no automatic features at this venue.

Picture of accessible washroom at Bread and Roses

On warm enough days there is a small, accessible, sidewalk patio with one table and moveable chairs.

If you are driving to Bread and Roses, the nearest green P is located at 18 Ferrier Ave which is just north of the cafe (150 meters).  Alternatively, if taking the TTC, the closest accessible subway stations are Broadview or Pape on Line 2.