Virtuous Pie

Picture of accessible entrance of Virtuous Pie

611 College Street, Toronto, ON M6G 1B5

Call: (647) 729-9943

Virtuous Pie, originating in Vancouver, has just settled its first joint in Toronto, more specifically in the heart of Little Italy. The restaurant has accommodations with an accessible, modern space where you can enjoy Italian tastes of plant-based food options, as well as desserts for lunch or dinner.

If taking the subway, the 506 streetcar runs from the accessible Queen’s Park subway station however this is not a route that uses the new accessible streetcars. If driving, there is Green parking on the north-west side of College and Clinton, as well as street parking available along College St.

The wide sidewalk to the blue-walled main entrance is well-maintained with sufficient lighting and has no level changes. The main entrance is unobstructed with no threshold. The main door measures 36” wide without an automatic door opener, while a second 37.5” door is controlled by an indoor automatic button.

Picture of accessible tables and wide pathway in Virtuous Pie

Once inside, there is a small mat at the front entrance, but the entire restaurant is all one level with smooth flooring. The restaurant is well lit at the night when we visited, as well as during the daytime due to the large windows which lets in natural light. The staff are friendly and helpful when making your order. All menus are behind the counter, but you can also use printed copies of menus at the counter. For your convenience, food is delivered to your table after paying at the counter.

A row of tables (29” high) with booths are fixed on one side of the restaurant, while another set of standard 29” height tables with removebale chairs are on the other side.

Picture of ordering counter

When passing by the ordering counter, there is a 43” wide hallway which leads you to a very spacious accessible washroom (99” x 81”), as well as the emergency exit at the back. The washroom has a 37-inch wide door with a lever handle and two hooks. The washroom is well-equipped with an automatic door opener, a push button to lock, and a push emergency button near the toilet, as well as a change table (31” high).

Picture of accessible washroom

The toilet is surrounded by a L-shaped grab bar and a horizontal grab bar behind. The sink is standard 29” high with clear open space below. A manual soup dispenser and an automatic dryer are located near the sink.  

Online order and pick up are available. They also offer foods via DoorDash and Uber Eats for convenient delivery. If visiting Little Italy, you should drop by Virtuous Pie for a delicious range of pizzas with beers on tap and ice cream!